Saturday, May 2, 2015

UK 2015!! Pt.1

Yep...back I went....2 weeks of visiting,recording,and general tomfoolery!'s what happened:

Met my buddy Nick (Fuzzy) and a lovely evening seeing the smash,multi- Olivier winning Kinks musical,"Sunny Afternoon"....great music and performances!!

Next,some shopping in Soho...which was great,except some asshole who liked like that hippy out of the Spin Doctors hits me full on at Oxford Street on his bike!....and was a jerk about it...i thought Americans were supposed to be the rude ones!!..haha!
No matter,wonderful day of record shopping...then off to the first recording session of the trip!

Hear the results!
Im Just Bad (London)

Also had a nice leisurely dinner (fine Italian!) with two old pals,Mark and Matthew!
 Had a wander to Camden Market to see the Amy (bless) statue and more record shoppin...and a trek to Halloway Road to see the great Joe Meek's digs/studio

Next up......Manchester!!

A fab 4 days in the fine,crazy company of Spenny,Dave and Paul....we named our band "No Loitering" for our recording project....which included a rollicking version of The Small Faces "Sorry,She's Mine" and an original Bo Diddley/Can/Stooges-inspired original track "No Y No"....

Also had a great time record shoppin and hanging out...and check out my prezzies from Spen and Dave!...even got a Fresh Prince sandwich!...haha!!

....and here's my record haul from London & Manchester!!

Coming up in part 2....Glasgow and Birmingham!!

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