Monday, May 4, 2015

UK 2015 Pt 2!

...and off to Glasgow!

Unfortunately,my train from Manchester to Glasgow was cancelled...which meant a shuttle bus to Carlisle....which led to a train the rest of the a 3 1/2 trip wound up taking almost 7 hours!...ah well,saw some of the countryside,anyway...

after good buddy John Symon was there to show me to my hotel,and then see some sights...including the Cathedral...then met our bud Joe Baxter for some more wandering and pub!

The next day was recording day!....with John.Joe,Dave Trott and One-Take Jake....we got a great track out of it...and a celebratory band shot/drink at the pub...hear the results! .Come On Home (Glasgow)

And on to Birmingham!

My oldest Mojo buddy,Adrian,was there to fetch me at the Brum train station and head over to his
had a nice visit with his girl and her girls!

...followed by rehearsal/recording with the fantabulous Black Bombers!

The next day was....The Slade Convention!....Bus tour to Slade landmarks,pub quiz,chatting with other Slade freaks....and a visit with Slade drummer Don Powell!...thrill to meet and chat with him,and of course got my Slade In Flame album signed!

On my final day...A visit to Coventry to see the local music museum....and a meet up with Simon,visiting the original Mojo-meetup pub I first met many of the great folks you see and hear about on my travelogue...hard to fathom its been almost 10 years!....later we,like proper English gentlemen,kicked back and watched a football match...then off to dinner!

....and here's the record haul,such as it is....

Had such a great time,and still cant believe all the recording got done and went well!....Ta-da!

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