Tuesday, April 22, 2014

British Invasion 2014!! (Pt.1)

So....how did the UK trip go,you ask?.....

Flight to Heathrow from Chicago was a delight...3 empty seats in a row,so I could lie back the whole ride...a little reading,a snack,a sleep....next thing I know we're landing...welcome to the UK!!

....Im welcomed by...Ade (Ustebe)
and Nick (Puzz)
First night in Birmingham,we met up with Simon (Electrofried) and his lovely wife Joyce...Hit the Trumpet,which is famous for being the local of the mighty SLADE!...great place with live jazz and lots of cool Slade stuff on the walls...then we saw the fabulous (except for Steve Shelley growing that awful beard!) Buzzcocks!!

....and that was just the first day!

Next up....Simon met Ade and I to head for some homage to 3 music legends resting near the area....John Bohnam,Brian Jones and Nick Drake....then Stratford-on-Avon for some of Shakespeare's 'hood!...

but its not just the rockers no longer with us....no!....Ade,Puzz and I head out the next day,and find Ozzy's boyhood flat (note my devil horns..),the young Noddy Holder's house (along with the street he was born,which was leveled years back)...and Ade re-creating the famous 'Ozzy cooking breakfast" scene from The Decline And Fall Of Western Civilization Pt.2!

Then off to see Trev & Bev's version of The Move.....

Also met and enjoyed Ade's mates in The Headhunters....they covered a NY Dolls song so ya know they were great!!

Coming up....Sunday's Beatlemania!!

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  1. It was great to see you again Mike. Have you seen my own version on my blog?