Friday, November 26, 2010

An Hour With The American Squirm

Ok,here's the first "Hour With The American Squirm"....songs that rock,roll,satisfy your soul.... tunes for you that won't soothe you savage always,dig on these & go buy the legit releases!

The American Squirm podcast 1

1. White Lie,Black Eye - The Tearjerkers

2. Love Is Like An Itching In My Heart - The Supremes

3. Never Get Away - The Waldos

4. Octopus (2010 mix) - Syd Barrett

5. Blago's Blues - Letterbomb

6. Rock & Roll Love Letter - The Bay City Rollers

7. Losing Battle - Scott McCaughey

8. Thorn In My Side - Eurythmics

9. Go Drivin - Perma-buzz

10. Rockin Chair - The Ovations

11. Teeth In A Glass - Eric Hughes Band

12. Something I've Got To Tell You - Glenda Collins

13. (When She Wants Good Lovin)My Baby Comes To Me - The Coasters

14. Whenever You're On My Mind - Ronnie Spector

15. Il Ribelle - Adriano Celentano

16. Never Been In Love - Dave Edmunds

17. Move It On The Backbeat - Burt & The Backbeats

18. Lovestruck - Jerry McGill & The Topcoats

19. Ex-Lion Tamer - Wire

20. Hound Dog Blues - Jimi Hendrix


1. Don't know much about this band...but they rock!..from The Ardent Story cd

2. Northern Soul fave & my fave of The Supremes w/Diana

3. Walter Lure rocks with or without Mr.Thunders!

4. Not sure if Im ok with this new mix or not...judge for yerself!

5. My band!!

6. Anyone who says they dont like this song is a LIAR!

7. You know him,you love him,he's in a million bands! (Young Fresh Fellows,Minus 5,Baseball Project,etc etc)

8. My girl likes 'em...

9. Chicago 80's of my all-time faves!

10. Goldwax records outta Memphis issued some great's one!

11. If you're in or around Memphis check out this guy!

12. Joe Meek's greatest production...

13. A lesser-known Coasters great!

14. Ronnie wailin on the M.Crenshaw nugget...

15. Prego,prego!

16. Dave & Rockpile groovin up a storm...

17. Burt is Burt Bacharach...he's mentioned hating this song!

18. The only release for this Memphis hell-raiser...

19. Havent heard this one in a here it is...

20. From the new box set.....

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